Patriarhul Justinian Marina între „salvator”şi „conformist” în Biserica Ortodoxă Română

The Patriarch Justinian Marina between „saviour” and „conformist” in Romanian Orthodox Church

Autor: Din Petre


The imposing, on 6th March 1945, of Petru Groza government meant the establishment of the comunist regime. Groza government inaugurated, through its internal policy, the suppresion of democratic rights and freedoms and the control of all activity areas of the society. In this context, the Church becaume the last impediment for imposing the Soviet model.

The one who the job of administrating the Romanian Orthodoxe Church in the first three decades after the instauration of comunism was the Patriarch Justinian Marina. The thought that the Romanian Orthodox Church didrit have the instruments to opose to the comunist regime so he adapted the strategy of false adhesion to the values of the comunist system and this gave the posibility of ensuring the Church’s autonomy reported to the political power. Based on these assumptions we can say that Justinian Marina realised a spiritual resistence, so that the Church hept its role which is that of morally and spiritually educating the Romanian christians.


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