Patrimoniul spiritual al parohiilor greco-catolice din Transilvania la sfârşitul păstoririi mitropolitului Alexandru Sterca Şuluţiu

The spiritual Patrimony of the Greek-Catholic parishes at the end of the Metropolitan Alexandru Sterca Şuluţiu’s pastorate

 Autor: Ioan Mircea

Being aware of the important part of culture in the emancipation of Transylvania Romanians, Alexandru Sterca Şuluţiu stepped on the ecclesiastical hierarchy carrying on an remarkable activity in the field of culture and confessional education.

Development of the education and cultural elements wouldn’ t have been possible without the existence of book which, spread by printing, was introduced by school through the man’ s vital necessities and it interwove with the effort of social and national raising of the Romanians in Transylnania.

During the whole period he was a metropolitan, Alexandru Sterca Şuluţiu was preoccupied by book, specially the ecclesiastical one and that for the confessional education, his activities in this field aiming at book quality, its popularization, incresing and preserving of the spiritual patrimony of the Greek- Catholic parishes subordinated to the Greek- Catholic Metropolitan Church of Făgăraş and Alba Iulia.

The books existent in every Greek-Catholic parish at the end of the metropolitan Alexandru Sterca Şuluţiu’ s pastorate are an incontestable testimony that the prelate’ s action was successfully.

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