Pietrari şi zidari în arhitectura religioasă din Transilvania (surse privitoare la meşterii constructori, secolele xiii – xvi)

Masons and brick masons in religious architecture in Transylvania (sources regarding master builders 13en – 16en centuries)

 Autor: Ionuţ Codrea

Our information about constructors is poor, so researching the sources is a very important matter.

Comparing the sources, from the Transylvanian and the Occidentals, the last are more richer, but the connections between the documentary, iconographic and archaeological sources, helps to establish a real image about social relationships, constructor’s circulation, and especially their way of work.

The written sources, the most important, referring the masons, are in equal scattered all along the 13-14 century. The sources are poor and less important, beside the statistic matter.

For having a full image these sources must be associated with the iconographic and the archaeological research. These help us to understand their techniques, the instruments and the way of used.

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