Pinteni dacici din epoca regatului

Spurs belonging to the dacian kingdom period

Autor: Cristian Dima


The spurs are harness pieces that belong to the equipment of a knight. Made from metal, they are attached to the heels of the bearer, and play an important role in transmitting some of the commands to the horse, though prick fixed to their ends. The spurs from Pre-Roman Dacia were discovered in a funerary context, but at the same time they have been found in civil and fortified settlements (see the map in Pl. II). They have been dated to a very wide period of time, from the middle of the second century B.C. to the end of the first century A.D. An aspect that the archaeological researchers observed is that the spurs from Dacia have many analogies with Celtic spurs.

In this study I have attempted to discuss aspects of terminology as well as attempting to create a typological classification of the spurs from Pre-Roman Dacia because these tasks have never been carried out in our scientific literature. We must observe the fact that in combination with Tracian harness pieces, the use of horses in an attach campaign was very efficient, the animal having been trained for this purpose probably responded instantaneously to the commands given by the rider.

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