Preoţia şi impactul preoţilor în lumea satelor ( sec. al XVIII–lea şi al XIX–lea)

The priesthood role and their families’ role in viliages’ life

Autor: Ionela Mircea


Many centuries the romanian history starting from the west side of the Carpathians, was weaved with “villages and priests” or in other words, with their life together, meaning, the guidance of ones linked with the obediance of the others, support and blessing together; the same faith and destiny made the Romanian village during the years, a unique “block” and a social comunity.

Thanks to the care of those village’ priests Romanians were aware of their nationality (that they are Romanians) thus they ought to rise in order to mentain and participate to the so called civilisation and universal culture.

A people that is fully aware of his origins, who is also conscions of his past as much as for the present and future, who remains faithfull to himself and to his own soul or ideal, can succeed in the concert of the universal civilisation.

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