Problematica alimentaţiei populaţiei rurale româneşti transilvănene reflectată în presa vremii la mijlocul secolului al xix-lea şi începutul secolului xx .

Alimentation problems of the Romanian village people from Transylvania as it’been reflected by the middle XIXth and beginning of the XXth century press (newspapers)

 Autor: Alina Ioana Şuta

The study analyses the problems of the food in the Romanian rural society from Transylvania which was reflected in the Romania press at the middle of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth century. One of the conclusion is that in the investigated period the press represents one of the important modalities to diffuse the priority information about food with the purpose to diminish the tendencies of the precarious hygiene and the bad food regime which contributed to the epidemics mentions and a raise death rate until at the end of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth century.

The authors of the representative articles insisted on the hygienic standards for improvement the food quality which consist in the variety of food, the avoiding of the alterated food, the rational consume and other aspects. Through the norms which were recommended by the specialists in the medicine and the diffusing of the materials about food in the press, they wanted to mentain a good health of the whole population and the reduce of the mortality, also a numerical develop of the capacity of work and the intellectual tonus.


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