Redescoperirea unei personalităţi – Marcel Olinescu

Re-discover of Marcel Olinescu

Autor: Camelia Gabor


Marcel Olinescu was born in 1896, september 17, at Dorohoi, Botoşani. He died in 1992, february 15. After graduation he activaate as calligraphist and drawing teacher at the Brad highschool. He begin with a personal exchibition at the Romanian Athenee with the peinter Dimitru Ghiaţă. The most beautiful exchibition then other that he had, was the Romanian Athenee retrospective since 1977, where he expose many woodcats besides books published since then. The woodcats are realised on two registers, with lirycs on bottom and folcloric inspiration drawings in a stylizing landscape on top. The dinamic and sensitive draw send our thought at the religious art.


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