Repere ale relaţiilor dintre România şi Polonia oglindite în periodice de limba polonă din colecţia Muzeului din Deva

Some landmarks of the relations between Romania and Poland as mirrored in Polish periodicals from the collection of the Deva Museum library

Autor: Ana Mund


The five centuries when Poland and Romania were neighbors left their mark and had political and cultural influences on both countries, which were recorded in the specialized magazines in the Polish language that are kept in the collection of the Library of the Museum of Dacian and Romanian Civilization in Deva.

In the twenty Polish periodicals received by the Library following exchanges between the Museum and cultural institutions from Poland (faculties, museums, libraries), Romania is mentioned on different occasions with references to the earliest times, such as descriptions of archeological discoveries and artifacts that are testimonies to the links between the two countries.

Many Romanians immigrated to Poland in the 18th century, but their immigration had started ever since the 16th century. Fleeing the Turks, thousands of Romanians remained in Poland. Some of the refugees returned to Romania after the second or third generation, while others married in Poland and were assimilated.

After the Polish uprising against the Czar’s government in 1863-1864, Romania’s ruler A.I. Cuza offered help to the Polish.

After 1935, about 100,000 Polish found refuge in Romania. Among the refugees were the Polish President and some of the members of the Polish Government.


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