Romanized Egyptian Gods in Porolissum


Keywords: Porolissum, Sarapis, bronze artefacts, Dacia Porolissensis

Cuvinte cheie: Porolissum, Sarapis, artefacte de bronz, Dacia Porolissensis

The number of the findings from Porolissum which betray an Egyptian influence in the area are very scarce, to be more precise three bronze statuettes, a cameo and a possible „lucerna”. Because of the fact that they were discovered in an archaeological context (which is very rare with the aegyptiaca artifacts in Dacia Porolissensis) and because of the recent reinterpretations of some depictions which were linked with the Nilotic civilization this paper aims to create a new image of how these Egyptian-origin elements reached Porolissum, this Roman settlement on the fringes of the Empire.

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