Scurt istoric al cercetărilor privind prima epocă a fierului în sud-vestul Transilvaniei

A short history of research concerning the First Iron Age in south-western Transylvania

Autor: Roxana Stăncescu


The First Iron Age in Transylvania has been studied by many researchers, but in spite of a comprehensive literature, its beginning can not be entirely reconstitue.

The systematical researches done on the First Iron Age are only a few in Transylvania, most of the materials coming from surface researches, soundings or accidental discoveries. Some of these were discovered even since XIXth century. Durring the ‘50th60th were discovered many materials by surface researches. The most important systematical research was done at Subcetate, jud. Hunedoara. From surface researches, soundings and accidental discoveries come pottery, bronze objects which help to understand the evolution of this age in South-Western Transylvania.

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