Scurte consideraţii asupra monumentelor funerare din Bazinul Târnavelor în Epoca Romană

Short considerations about the funerary monuments
from the Târnava basin in the Roman Age

Autor: Mihai Chiriac

Concerning the funerary monuments, perhaps the most significant products of Roman provincial art, it must be noted that a large number of monuments found in the Tarnava basin frequently encountered in Noricum, Pannonia and both Germanies.The detection of the connections between the funerary monuments of Dacia and those in the North-Western provinces of the Empire is one of the most important result of this study.On the other hand the basin of Târnava was colonisated with people of celtic origin starting by the time of Hadrian, or maybe Antoninus Pius, which are attested by the epgraphical and archaeological material discovered in this area. We can distinguish the Norico-Pannonian settlers from the other Celts with some particularities in dress and fibulae which are meet to the funerary monuments that appears in the basin of Tarnava.

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