Teascuri, pive şi prese de ulei din Romoşel, jud. Hunedoara

Types of grapes (pives) and oil press from Romoşel, county Hunedoara


Adriana Ţuţuianu

Mihai Căstăian

The treading grapes machine and certain types of crushing machines which have been functionable untill nowadays, are originated is those ones used at the end of XVIII th and XIX th century. Because of the wood perishability a large number of these objects became in time unfunctionable pieces. All these being built up of massive wood, oak timber especially, could be the most of times carved with an axe, their dimensions, thus, variating from one to another, just like their shopes do.

As the typology of the equipment (outfit) was described in a specific literature, we mention that this typology is considerated till nowadays, as the biggest one in our counry, concerning its spread.

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