Teorii asupra originii, caracterului şi fundamentului proprietăţii

Theories about the origin, characteristic and basis of property

 Autor: Ionela Simona Mircea

Controversy is a method and discussion a result in what concerns the property’s coordinates in time and space. Element wich begins at the same time with life on Earth and which determines it property, we must confess, does not have a fix frome not even today.

The controversy’s register is are of the biggest wich a social, economic or juridicalreality may have. From „esse” to „non esse” human minds have crossed the spirit’s words. Despite all negations, property exists, more it is the support on wich life leans against under all its individual or collective aspects, primitive or civilized, organized or anarchic; natural right, occupation, law, work, social contract, utility, were considered to be at the origin of property, in time.


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