Tipografi din secolul al XVI-lea în Biblioteca Muzeului Brukenthal din Sibiu –Gaspar Heltai

Printers of the XVIth century in the The Brukenthal Museum’s library of Sibiu – Gaspar Heltai (? – 1574)

Autor: Olga Şerbănescu


Gaspar Heltai was a typical personality to the era during he saw the daylight: he was a preacher of the faith in God, he wrote the history of the ommunity he had been part of and has published in his own printing device the works conceived by him and those of the same beliefs as him. He lived during one of the most convulsed periods of time in Transylvania’s history, as well as Europe’s too – the XVIth century. He saw the revolt’s fires led by Gheorghe Doja, went through the fall of the Hungarian kingdom after the Mohács disaster, he suffered from the outbreak of the feudal anarchy, from the internal struggles for the throne and he assisted helpless to the ocupatios of Buda by the Turks and the battles between the Turks and the Austrians for what was left of Hungary and the domination of Transylvania. He also was an active participant to the large ideological movement of the XVIth century, the Reform, he was a friend and fellow soldier of Francisc David in the spreading of faith in the one and only God. The Brukenthal Museum’s library from Sibiu holds in its collections a number of 44 published works belonging to the printing house conducted by Gaspar Heltai, printed works that we wish to expose to the booklovers, by this paper.

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