Troiţele – necesitatea repertorizării; propuneri de tipologie

Roadside crosses-the necessity of cataloguing; typological suggestions

 Autor: Carmina Maior, Valerie Deleanu

The roadside cross is the conventional name for the cross in its protective and purifying aspects, for certain places, usually considered to bear a symbolical danger.

The rural community used to sanctify places such as: borders, crossings, bridges etc. by placing there roadside crosses. During the time they became real beautiful representative monuments of folk art, with an important role in the spiritual life of the community.

These monuments have suffered deteriorations because of the passing of time on one hand and of inconvenient restauration, on the other. Thus, they deserve a methodical and professional study and protection. That’s why a repertoir is so necesary. We, therefore, suggest a model of file which can offer a maximum of information on them, for the repertoire and also, we propose a typology which can enclose all kinds of roadside crosses.



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