Turnul Sfatului din Sibiu

The Town hall tower from Sibiu

Petre Beşliu – Munteanu

Olga Beşliu

The study starts from a rescue archaeological excavation in 1995. The archaeological finds belong to the beginning of the medieval precints and the first dwelling built near the tower (the 14th century) up to the 20th century, when the civil construction was demolished for traffic reason.

Between 1585-1585 the gate tower was rebuilt, more floors added, the foundation enlarged. Two stone lions, the symbol of the community power, decorated the eastern facade and four little towers superposed the roof. The upper part of the tower belonging to the community (see the name The Town Hall Tower) was restored in 1750 and then after 1824.

The architectonical evolution and the social function of The Town Hall is revealed by the archaeological researches and the analyses of inscriptions, chronicles and graphics from the 18th to the 20th century.


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