Un fragment de monument funerar roman descoperit la Valea Viilor (jud. Sibiu)

A fragmentary roman funerar monumentdiscovered at Valea Viilor (Sibiu county)


Claudiu Munteanu,

Alexandru Gh. Sonoc

 A fragmentarly Roman funeral monument has been discovered after 1980 near Valea Viilor (formerly Vorumloc/Wurmloch/Nagybaromlaka, Sibiu county). Made of limestone, it is a lateral wall of an aedicula and can be dated at the end of the second and the beginning of the third century. This type of semicircular niche (of hellenistic origin, arrived here through the Norico–Pannonian handicraft production) is quite uncommon in Dacia, where it seems to have been specific to the military milieu. Due to the chronological and stylistical analogies, we consider that the monument could be a product of the stone workshop of Cristeşti/Maroskeresztúr (Mureş county), whose products are subdued to the Norico–Pannonian influences.

The monument has been recovered from the cooperatist farm where was used as a threshold. Later it was recovered and brought in the school`s collection of antiquities.

In the area of this village are known another roman traces: the structures of a villa rustica, probably belonging to a veteran and vestiges of a rural settlement, which could have been habited by the workers of this villa rustica. The funerary monument belongs, perhaps, to the family cemetery of this villa rustica.

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