Un secol şi jumătate de preparare, conservare şi restaurare la Muzeul de Istorie Naturală din Sibiu

A century and a half of preservation, conservation and restoration in the Natural History Museum from Sibiu

Autor: Cornel Popescu


The collections of the Natural History Museum from Sibiu were gathered and preserved through different works of preservation, conservation and finally of restoration. In my work are presented the groups of the zoological collection and, in a chronological order the operations done upon the samples that were and are a part of the patrimony of the museum from the establishment till nowadays. There are not in detail presented all the work methods and the chemical substances used, in order not to make the text too technical.

There are mentioned the names of those that had worked in this field. These were taken from the periodical reports of the Natural Sciences Society from Sibiu, the Museum’s archives and my own reports in the last 26 years. From the collections of the Museum it was selected that of zoology with its vertebrates and nonvertebrates sections which needed special intervention, these being the easiest in degradation.

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