Urbariul Băii de Criş din anul 1754 (I)

The inventory of Baia de Criş in 1754 (I)

Autor: Vasile Ionaş


Baia de Criş is one of the most important localities of Zarand Country. Certified from the first time in 1390, Baia de Criş emerged as a major center for gold mining. In 1427 Sigismund of Luxemburg gave it an important privilege due to its economical importance. This privilege tax exempts food, iron and other goods necessary for miners of Baia de Criş and Băiţa.

The Privilege of 1427 is confirmed by Ştefan Bathory, the prince of Transylvania in 1573 and by Emperor Leopold I in 1701.

The inventory from 1754 is a very important document that proves the economic importance of this center of Zarand, during the Middle Ages.

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