Valori artistice păstrate la biserica „Sf. Nicolae” din satul Peştera (jud. Hunedoara)

Artistic values stored in the church of Saint Nicholas in Peştera village

Autor: Doina Ionescu


The Church of Saint Nicholas (Sfântu Nicolae) of Peştera Village is part of a series of wooden churches kept in the Country of Zarand. This building was built of oakwood in eighteenth century. The small building suffered several modifications over time. Currently the church is plastered. Shingle covering was replaced with one of the board. This was an unfortunate solution, reducing its picturesque appearance. Inside, the church is decorated mainly with glass icons many of which having heritage value. Of theese, a part is a series of icons that adorn the wooden iconostasis. These icons were made in 1843 by Ioan Pop painter of Făgăraş. Currently 12 pieces are still preserved and one of which is only a fragment. Ioan Pop painter of Fagaras locality is one of the prolific painters who worked in various zones of Transylvania including in Hunedoara County.


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