Gavril Todica (1877-1946) – un astronom cu veleităţi europene

Gavril Todica (1877-1946) – un astronomer with european ambitions

Autor: Adela Herban

Gavril Todica is classified as modest people, who sometimes goes unnoticed, but by his tireless work, had a significant contribution to the progress of the romanian society. In their drive for knowledge (as I have shown in this paper), people like him came into contact with great personalities of his time, from our country and abroad. In this way, the results of their work were renewed those eager for knowledge and empowerment. But this was possible in external and internal framework of evolution, from all points of view.

It is commonly known as the sciences (in our case) and arts are experiencing a maximum development in a society that is in full progress.

Gavril Todica, has the merit, as in his writings, to participate among other astronomers, to popularize knowledges of this science in various environments. The results of his researches have been published in professional journals and not only. For his merits in this domain of sciences he was one by one joined in the Franch Astronomy Society, Belgian Society of Astronomy but also in the Romanian Society of Astronomy.

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