O contribuţie de arheologie industrială transilvană. Fabrica de hârtie Petreşti (Judeţul Alba)

A contribution to the industrial archaeology of Transylvania. The paper mill from Petreşti (Alba County)

Autor: Dorin Ovidiu Dan

 The trade of paper producing was established quite early in Transylvania and a proof of it is the large number of paper mills here. In the Sebeş area, there were running the ones in Lancrăm, Strungari, Alba Iulia, Vinţu de Jos, etc. In spite of the abundant raw material, at the beginning of the 19th century, the paper production was dependent on the Austrian mills. Thus, it was opened the paper plant from Petreşti -3 km north of Sebeş-documents about it existing from 1852.

The author presents the evolution of the plant until today. Built in 1853-1854, its evolution is slow, although the use of wood pulp from cellulose with a modern technology are attempts in modernising. After 1873, it is sold to the Austrian company „NEUSIDLER AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT FÜR PAPIER FABRICATION”. In 1921 becomes a joint stock company and from 1936 it was Societatea Anonimă Română.

The paper presents the stream, electrical or hydraulically driven machines for the paper pulp, wood pulp, and paper rolling. Based on a rich documentation, this paper shows the evolution of over 150 years of industry in the Sebeş area.

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